INSPIRE 2023: Art meets futures

The Inspire project has been running at MOMus since 2012. In a fascinating anarchic creative environment, young artists are invited to create original artworks in one week under the guidance of an established artist. At the same time, curators are invited to set up the exhibition just hours before the official opening.

As if the usual complexity wasn’t enough, this year’s Inspire 2023 brought a number of innovations and new complexities. Double in size this year, it hosted 40 young artists working under the guidance of two lead artists Mikhail Karikis and Albert Barqué-Duran. Also, this year by focusing on the theme of the future, INSPIRE attempts to create a framework for the collaboration of art and future studies by attempting to lay the groundwork for similar collaborations in other scientific areas.

The idea for this year’s theme was initiated by Areti Leopoulou, curator at MOMus, when we met 3 years ago, at Reworks Agora 2019, where I was presenting the Millennium Project‘s research on 2050 and Albert (Barqué-Duran) was presenting experiments of art creation (painting and music) in zero gravity conditions. Discussions about the exhibition began immediately, however, the pandemic postponed the project several times, and eventually found myself having the dual role of MOMus president and futures expert (UNESCO Chair & Millennium Project).

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